The Pack is More Fun when You’re Involved

There are are plenty of ways, large and small, to help out the pack this year.  It’s a lot of fun and a great way to get more involved with your Scout.

Don’t worry, you’ve already got all the skills you need.  Any additional training and information is readily available and there is a tightly knit group of committee members to help you along.


Advancement Coordinator – Keeps track of Cub Scout advancements and purchases pins, patches, belt loops, etc.

Audio/Visual Coordinator – The Pack is fortunate to have quality A/V equipment that we use at Pack meetings and other events.  The A/V Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the operation of the equipment, storing it safely, and hauling it back and forth from events.

Blue and Gold Coordinator – The Blue and Gold dinner is a celebration of what it means to be a Cub Scout.  In addition to the great food, there are typically guest speakers and activities throughout the event and a bit of good old pomp and circumstance.  The lead for this event will need to handle scheduling and logistics.

Committee Chair / Secretary – This role involves running the Pack committee meetings, keeping minutes, and preparing paperwork for the re-chartering process.  The person in this role works very closely with the Cubmaster and the rest of the committee.

Community Service Coordinator – The Guadalupe River is a valuable part of our ecosystem and an important part of our water supply.  The Cub Scouts provide a service to the community by cleaning up the creek twice a year.  The coordinator for this project arranges the logistics and participates in the cleanup with the Scouts.  It’s fun to make a difference you can immediately see.

Cubmaster and Assistant – The Cubmaster leads all pack-level Scout programming.  He or she plans the pack meetings, serves as the Master of Ceremonies (MC) at Pack events, and plays an instrumental role in the Pack committee.  The assistant Cubmaster fills in for the Cubmaster when necessary and is poised to take the reigns when the current Cubmaster moves on.  The BSA provides a comprehensive list of responsibilities here.

Den Leaders and Assistant Leaders – Den leadership is an important part of what binds Cub Scouts together and the most basic level of cohesion and organization within the Pack.  Leaders organize parents in the Den that in turn organize events and participation in the pack.  There’s never enough leadership, especially with rambunctious boys, so multiple parents per Den can participate.

Excellence Coordinator – It’s a Cub Scout tradition to “Do Your Best!”  The Pack leadership also tries to do its best and that means making constant improvements to the programming we provide to our Scouts.  Our Pack in incentivized to improve by our Commissioners, through the “The Commissioners Challenge”, and by our Council, through the “Journey to Excellence” program.  The Excellence Coordinator is in charge of tracking our performance and helping to drive improvements.  He or she will also help us report our progress during the re-chartering process.

Fundraising Coordinator – Fund raising activity allows us to keep our dues at less than 50% of what they would be otherwise.  In addition, some fundraiser benefits our division and council so it’s a great way to give back to Scouting.  The Fundraising Coordinator is in charge of organizing a single event.

Outing Coordinator – The Cub Scouts participate in events all over the region.  The Outing Coordinator is responsible for coordinating scheduling with the organizations that provide these event opportunities.

Pinewood Derby Coordinator – The Pinewood Derby is almost synonymous with Cub Scouts and it’s a ton of fun!  The chair of this event is responsible for getting everyone organized.  There’s a bit of logistics involved but luckily much of the learning from years past has been documented, making it much easier for new coordinators to get their motors revving.

Public Relations Coordinator – The primary role of the PR Coordinator is keeping the pack aware of events and activities.  This is done by publishing a monthly newsletter, creating content for the website, and posting calendar events. Also the PR Coordinator will publicize events in GHSC newsletters and other media.

Quartermaster – The pack shares a shed with the GHSC and the Boy Scout Troop 340 and this is where we store our equipment.  The Quartermaster is in charge of keeping it organized and keeping an inventory of what is in there.  Also the Quartermaster is in charge of keeping track of what goes in and out and providing shed access.

Raffle Coordinator – This position reports to the Treasurer and handles the logistics, communication, and collection of raffle funds during the Pack meetings.  Believe me, to the Scouts, your the most popular person in the room!

Recruiting Coordinator – Cub Scouts is a lot of fun and a great way to make new friends.  Recruiting new Scouts just adds to the fun and shares the Scouting experience with others.  We do formal recruiting events twice a year.  The events are mostly a fun activity such as Water Bottle Rockets with additional show and tell.  We recruit at all grade levels but In the fall we pay special attention the First Graders and in the Spring we pay special attention to Kindergarteners.  The recruiting lead will help get the word out to the kids (usually by talking to them in their class rooms) and will organize the events.

Treasurer – This role is responsible for ensuring Pack finances are sound.  The Treasurer helps the Committee and Cub Master develop an annual budget, maintains a bank account in the Packs name, handles Pack transactions such as Dues payments, and reports to regularly to the Committee on financial status.

Webmaster – Responsible for the Pack 340 domain registration and renewal, website hosting, website maintenance, wiki maintenance, email hosting, email list maintenance, and ScoutManage account management and renewal.  The Webmaster also assists in placing content (as received from the PR Coordinator) onto the Website and Calendars.


Position Attributes

Position Name Registered Position Uniformed Position Committee Membership Program Year Time Commitment
Advancement Coordinator No No No Full
Assistant Cub Master Yes Yes Yes Full
Audio/Visual Coordinator No No No Partial
Bear Den Asst. Leader Yes Yes Yes Full
Bear Den Leader Yes Yes Yes Full
Blue and Gold Coordinator No No No Partial
Chartered Organization Rep Yes No Yes Full
Committee Chair / Secretary Yes Yes Yes Full
Community Service Coordinator No No No Partial
Cub Master Yes Yes Yes Full
Excellence Coordinator No No Yes Full
Fundraising Coordinator No No No Partial
Outing Coordinator No No Yes Full
Pinewood Derby Coordinator No No No Partial
Public Relations Coordinator No No Yes Full
Quartermaster No No No Partial
Raffle Coordinator No No No Partial
Recruiting Coordinator No No No Partial
Tiger Den Leader Yes Yes Yes Full
Treasurer Yes Yes Yes Full
Webelos I Den Asst. Leader Yes Yes Yes Full
Webelos I Den Leader Yes Yes Yes Full
Webelos II Den Leader Yes Yes Yes Full
Webmaster No No No Partial
Wolf Den Asst. Leader Yes Yes Yes Full
Wolf Den Leader Yes Yes Yes Full

Registered Positions – An application must be submitted to the BSA and Youth Safety Training must be taken.  The BSA runs a background check before approving applications.  Registration fees are paid by the pack.

Uniformed Positions – Leaders in these positions are required to wear uniforms at official Cub Scout events.  Leaders will need to purchase uniforms at their own expense.

Committee Positions – Leaders in these positions are expected to attend monthly committee meetings (which are not held in summer.)  The committee works to manage the operation of the Pack and to provide an excellent program for the Scouts.

Time Commitment – A “Full” commitment means that the duration of the role is throughout the entire program year.  A “Partial” commitment means that either the role is only for a limited period of time or that the time spend over an entire program year is minimal.


Additional Information

The Boy Scouts of America has provided additional guidance on some of the committee roles.  Pack 340 has split some roles and combined others so the BSA site is just a reference.